Photo 5

As can be seen in the photo here, there was quite a bit of rust on the chassis. The tuning capacitor was removed and after removing the dial scale, the capacitor was placed in a solution of equal parts of water and Naval Jelly rust remover to soak while attention was turned to the rest of the chassis.
The transformer was also removed from the chassis and the two shell halves were separated from the core to be cleaned and repainted.
Several liberal doses of Naval Jelly were applied to the rust on the chassis. Each application was allowed to attack the rust for several minutes before a good scrubbing with course steal wool to get the rust to budge.
The tube shield bases, filter capacitors, and RF transformer cans were also removed and cleaned. A good burnishing with 0000 steal wool brought back the shine to the RF cans and filter capacitors. The chassis was wiped down several times with a damp shop towel to remove any rust remover residue, allowed to dry and then sprayed with chrome paint.
The tuning capacitor was removed from the solution and washed with plain water. Compressed air was used to remove as much moisture as possible and then the capacitor was placed in the sun to dry. After drying it was reinstalled on the chassis with new mounting grommets along with the transformer, RF cans and tube shield bases. The tube shields were given the same treatment as the tuning capacitor and then sprayed with the chrome paint. The tubes were cleaned with 0000 steal wool.