NBC Chimes Through The Years

Here are sound bytes of the chimes as heard down through the years. Click on the speaker to listen.

The NBC chimes we are so familier with, as we used to hear on the NBC Radio Network

The fourth chime sounded on D-Day, June 6, 1944.

Earliest known recording of the chimes from WJZ, Newark - December 12, 1929. This is a five chime sequence, the last strike appears to be a chord of G-E-C.

The chimes as heard on the Wendall Hall, The Pineapple Picadoor program, NBC Chicago - February 2, 1931, another five chime sequence.

A seven note chime sequence - From an air check of the Coca Cola Program, New York, March 26, 1930. Note: This may sound like a six-note chime because the last two notes are very difficult to seperate.

The three note hand struck chimes from the first Jack Benny show sponsored by Canada Dry, May 2, 1932 on the blue network, station WJZ, New York.

Earliest known recording of the three note hand struck chimes. This is from the Lucky Strike Hour broadcast of November 3, 1931 and was discovered on a Speak-o-Phone ten inch aluminum disk. Walter Winchell announces, "here's that fellow with the chimmies again", the chimes sound the first note rather softly as if off mike, then the WEAF New York station identification. The Speaker-o-Phone disk was discovered by radio historian Elizabeth McLeod and this sound byte is presented courtesy of Ms. McLeod (see note below).

Sonovox Buy War Bonds to the tune of the chimes, January 30, 1944.

I Love You - a little song based on the NBC Chimes believed to have been written sometime in the 1930's. Playing time approximately 2 minutes.

Chimes as heard in the past on NBC Television

Chimes as heard in the past on NBC Television

Chimes as heard currently on NBC Television

NOTE: Elizabeth McLeod's dedicated research into the history of radio broadcasting has brought to light many historical items and facts that otherwise may well have been lost forever. Our thanks go to her for providing not only this earliest known recording of the three note hand struck NBC chimes but recordings of the other early five and seven note chime sequences found on this page as well. A visit to Elizabeth's web site Broadcasting History Resources is recommended.

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